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Designed with Safety in Mind
Alpha 500 Series - Description
100% Error Free Transmission
Advanced microprocessor with highly evolved software that has redundant error checking and correcting capabilities to ensure 100% error-free transmission, decoding, and control of all output relays. This highly evolved software includes advanced CRC (Cyclical Redundancy Check) and Hamming Code Error (Error Recovery) programming.
Safe Design
Safety features include receiver self-diagnosing, transmitter self-diagnosing, transmitter low-voltage detection and warning, transmitter and receiver MAIN deactivation when the transmitter is not in use, during transmitter low-voltage, and when the system is in sleep mode.

32,769 Unique ID Codes
The encoder/decoder system utilizes advanced microprocessor control. The availability of 32,768 sets of unique ID codes will ensure that only commands from the matching control transmitter can be carried out without any interference from other radio systems.

Main Safety Relay
For added safety our advanced design utilizes a special Safety Relay for the Main EMS circuit. If the receiver MAIN relay is defective (Example: Fails to open in response to a Stop command) a fault will be detected and the system will shutdown (open) all output relays immediately.

150 Hour Battery Life
Efficient power saving circuit requires only two "AA" type alkaline batteries. The battery life is good for more than 150 hours of continuous operation between battery replacements, which ensures higher productivity in the workplace by minimizing frequent replacement or recharging of batteries.

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