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Designed with Safety in Mind
Alpha 3000 Series - Description
Advanced System Software
The Alpha 3000 series utilizes advanced "RISC" microprocessors with highly evolved software that has redundant error checking and correcting capabilities to ensure 100% trouble-free transmission, decoding, and control of all output relays. Our advanced system software includes CRC (Cyclical Redundancy Check) and Hamming Code Error (Error Recovery). Drop the word code and capitalize the words.

Safe & Reliable Operation
To ensure maximum safety and reliability the Alpha 3000 incorporates the following features; Transmitter; pushbutton fault-detection _ visual warning _ auto-shutoff. Receiver; fault-detection _ auto-shutoff, and Receiver Main auto shutoff when the system is in sleep mode (programmable) or when Transmitter low voltage is detected.

Secure Operation
Both transmitter and receiver utilize advanced 16+ 1bit microprocessor control. The availability of 65,536 sets of unique ID codes ensure that only commands from a matching transmitter can be carried out. Both the receivers and transmitters have adjustable ID codes. For added safety each system installed in your plant will operate on one of 30 distinct channels (frequencies) further reducing the risk of interference from outside sources.

Safety Main Relay Circuit
For added safety our advanced design utilizes a special Safety Relay for the Main EMS circuit. If the receiver MAIN relay is defective (Example: Fails to open in response to a Stop command) a fault will be detected and the system will shutdown (open) all output relays immediately.
30 User-Selectable Channels
Receivers are equipped with our custom narrow band FM, Phase Lock Loop (PLL) synthesized RF module with 30 sets of user selectable FM channels (frequencies). A chart is provided on the face of the RF module indicating the dip switch setting for any of the available channels. Only receivers are channel adjustable, transmitters are fixed.

Durable and Rugged Transmitter
Transmitter enclosures are constructed of composite materials (Nylon + Fiberglass) that resist cracking or deformation. The transmitter enclosures are totally sealed and impervious to dust, water, oil, grease, most acids, alkaline, heat, sunlight, IP66 rated.
Developed by Miller Media Inc (248) 528-3600